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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Have you heard?

Poor Blog...been so neglected, but has been such a busy summer so far and here it is already August. Can you believe it? I can' less then a month, school will be started again for all thoe with children at home. I'll bet mom's all over the Us are happy about that in more ways then one. When I had kids at home, August seemed to me they began getting bored and almost looked forward to going back and being with their friends.....but I might of been mistaken. But not likely! ahahaha

SO? Have you heard the exciting news? The official announcement has been made....Liz of Sweet Digi Scraps is now co-owner of Gotta Pixel. I am tickled for Liz, my designer hero, what an exciting adventure she is on...such a great opportunity for her....but OMG! how we miss her being around all the time and her kits. I know she is busy, but it is kind of a slow summer without her around creating for all her CT's. But we are adjusting ok....just not happy. LOL In the long run, it might be a super good transaction for this miniture whirlwind. She is like a seriously dangerous Full force Tornado with energy, multi-tasking her whole day with Designing, her family, a new baby, her dabbling with her singing and still having time to manage a website for us all to go and utilize. She is truly something our Liz. This might actually free up some of her busy day & more time with her family. Ok so what was I thinking? Most likely just hoping.....ahahahaha!

But just incase you have not seen the official announcement, go to this link and see it for yourself. Make sure you bookmark the spot after you read it because Liz has gotten together with another designer from Gotta Pixel and is giving pieces of her new kit for free as a daily download. Might as well sign up for the newsletter so you will not mistaken forget to log on and miss one beautiful piece of this completely smart looking BACK TO SCHOOL kit.

So, go to Gotta Pixel and see for yourself, how this dabbling designer, has quickly made it to the bigtop, because to all her Sweeties, she absolutely ROCKS our world with her talent. Have a great day & Happy Scrappin!!

( Click on Gotta Pixel as they are linked to take you right into the site and read the announcement. You will have to register for the Gotta Pixel freebies however and newsletter)

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