Creative Sweeties

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shhhh, It is no secret... A new addition to the $2 release category!

I was so happy when I saw this in the team server. I had visions of
sweet layouts of all our past secret crushes, and the future ones
our little boys and girls are going to have.....sigh

There is nothing like that very first precious
Secret Crush

I just think the colors are saturated classic FABULOUS
and that little heart charm screamed
"Make me into an Alpha!"...I heard it!

The charm alpha set is in individual png files, but the extra sets come in
full png sheets....I love the quilt look to them!

They are both releases into the $2 category, but will not be there for long
Grab while the grabbing is good!

Our team had plenty of ideas with this kit, and I love how
they always make the kit look so scrapable

We will start with a little mention of a team member that worked
really hard this past month, scrapping away and daring to go
above the call of CT'ing:

Our Outstanding August Creative Sweetie


Can you not get a ton of ideas or a scraplift or two from that group?!
They rocked it out, as usual...we have the bestest team!

Best in Show is Here! Just in time for $! Tuesdays!

Wait until you see this fun little nugget of a kit!
New today in store in the fabulous $1 cateogry...WOOT!

Does that no take you right to a farm or fair show?!
That tractor and sketch photos are so cool....I want them for real
Hanging on my wall on the back porch!

There is a matching Wordart Cluster Set that
is fully pre-shadowed, so just plop on your page
This set has extras from Liz's My Pet kit too, so grab to use on both!

There is even a coordinating freebie on Danyale's blog
Click HERE to go to grab it!

And now to show off some of the most fabulous pages from
our Creative Sweeties!!!


I love petting zoo's, I bet you all have some of those photos waiting
to be scrapped into memories!

More new kit announcements coming your way, so be ready!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay, this week we are travelling over the river for bit!
Time to meet another vital team member and a long time Creative Sweetie

Kerry (KayJay)

I'm Kerri, happily married with two monsters, I mean boys! Robert is 6 and started school this week and Richard is 4. I am British but have lived in Germany for 31 of my 41 years! I am completely bilingual and am bringing up the boys to be the same, so far so good, we'll see how it progresses, now Robert is at school!

Why did you start scrapping and what motiviates you to continue?
I started digiscrapping in November 2007 and have never looked back, at the time it was clear my husband was going to take a job which would mean we only see oneanother at the weekend, and what better way to pass the lonely evenings. No one is ever lonely in the scrapping world, don't you think!

What LO have you made, that shows who you are as a scrapper, your "style"
Ooh this was so difficult, I love all my layouts in some way or other, I don't really know what my style is, I do know what it is not - I do not like or do fantasy layouts, and I love that I am finally journalling on my pages

Anyway this is today's favourite, could change by tomorrow

Why is being a Creative Sweetie important to you, and what is your favorite Liz kit?

I stalked Liz more or less from when I first found Digiscrapping, I think one of her kits was the first freebie I downloaded, anyone remember "Pink Lemonade". I loved (still do) reading her blog, and I stalked and stalked until I finally became a Sweetie. AND I LOVE IT HERE!!!

My favourite kit, another difficult question, I love them all, please don't make me pick, please...

What was your favorite muscial group in highschool and did you kiss their posters?
It was Wham! and I had them plastered all over my room, however I don't remember kissing George Michael, although the poster of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood may well have been kissed!

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To boldly go where no chicken has gone before (but in all honesty being the owner of 5 chickens, because they just don't look where they are going...)

Tell us a secret no one else knows
ooh just writing this makes my insides turn over, I do not like labels if they have to be cut out of clothes, I dread it when the boys say "mummy, cut the label out it's hurting me", for some weird reason it makes me cringe (and if you could see me typing this, you would think I'd lost it...

Name of the first boy you kissed and where were you?
I was 5, and it was in a pub garden behind a hydrangea bush...the boy in question is now in a very happy relationship with another guy, I hope it wasn't my kiss...!

Boxer of Briefs?
Briefs, I just don't get boxers!

Most overused word in your vocabulary?
I have two boys aged 6 and 4 what do you think my most over-used word would be...yep, its "NO"!

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
A snap-happy digiscrapping mother! (oh that is what I am anyways)

Now you can see why Kerry is one of the teams most fabulous members!
We Love you Kerry!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's $1 Day at Gotta Pixel!

Hi, fellow scrappers!
It that favorite time of the week, when the $1 category opens
up a flood gate and lets us grab some GREAT DEALS!

Sweet Digi Scraps has added FOUR goodies to the category

At Work                                  At Work Wordart

Miss Print                                 Miss Print Wordart

And look at these fabulous layouts I found randomly around the

These kits are just so much fun to play with, I am sure you will
love having them in your scrap stash too

They were released with some freebies that you can find
HERE on Danyale's Blog!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We made the Daily Digi article today!!!!

Guess What?
Liz's kit Family Tree made the Daily Digi Files today!!!!
The article is discussing getting your family tree scrapped, and is filled
with tons of advice on how to do it simply.

They always give you products from around digiworld to spark some inspiration
and Liz's kit and my matching wordart made the article!

So, just because we can, we have put the kit and matching wordart
on SALE for 50% OFF this weekend!!!!!
Hope it inspires you to start working on your family tree!

How bout' some hotness up in here!

Today, we bring you another interview into one of our
Creative Sweeties dark sides!

This chickie has been with the team almost from the beginning,
and she has really showcased her layouts by allowing us to watch her
family grow right before our eyes!

Introducing Jan(intensemagic)!

Give us a brief bio of your non-scrap self - My name is Jan. I'm a 44 year old wife to 1 and mom to 3 (Aaron 19, Morgan 15, and Chance 5). Yep, started all over at almost 40 and it's been interesting to say the least!! I'm also a high school special education teacher in my other life!

Why did you start scrapping and what motiviates you to continue? I can't remember exactly what got me started. DH is a pro at Photoshop and he was showing me some things I could do with it. I'm pretty sure I was just browsing for things and stumbled across some scrapping sites. All the fabulous scrappers and designers out there keep me motivated...I've been at it for about 4 years now and I am always amazed at the gorgeous designs that just keep coming!!!

What LO have you made, that shows who you are as a scrapper, your "style" I would have to say this one is a good representation of my "style"...if I have one hahahaha

Why is being a Creative Sweetie important to you?? Omgosh, I've been stalking Liz since she was simply a scrapper and started making freebies!! I have followed her everywhere she has gone!! So, have the chance to create with her designs is one of the best things ever!! And I have to add, the team here is just amazing...the best personalities and so supportive!!
What's the best bumper sticker you have ever seen? I love this one simply because I am a teacher...had it on my car for a long time! LOL "It will be a great day when schools have all the money they need, and the military has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber"
If you were a cartoon or movie character, who would you be and why? I would have to be Goofy
What was your favorite muscial group in highschool and did you kiss their posters? Oh wow...I'm gonna date myself here LOL In high school I loved Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rush....yep, I was a rocker I kissed Leif Garrett's poster alot in Jr. High LOL

Why did the chicken cross the road? To prove to the possum it could be done LOL
Tell us a secret no one else knows - Not really a secret to many in real life, but maybe to those online...DH and I met online. He gave up everything and moved here to take on me and 2 then almost teenagers!

Name of the first boy you kissed and where were you? Richard in the parking lot of the skating rink
Boxer of Briefs? Boxers!
What have you forgotten to remember over the years? Well, let's see...ummmm...wait, what was the question?
If you could have picked your own name, what would we be calling you? Harley hahaha
Where is Timbucktoo? How do you get there? It's far away and I don't want to know how to get there because when I send my kids there, they will expect me to come find them!
Over or Under....toilet paper of course, wink - LOL over, please
Most overused word in your vocabulary? Not sure but it's probably a bad one!! LOL
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? If I have to have a job, I think the one I have teaching is a pretty good one....Summer's off,'s all good

Didn't I tell you we had a diverse group of girls, LOL!!!
I am learning alot about these friends of mine here on the team,
but I already knew they are FABULOUS!

Be back soon with upcoming releases and more interviews

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little about Me, Myself and I

The kit of course!
This subject is a hard one for most of us.
Talking or scrapping about ourselves would seem easy,
yet most of us do it so rarely it seems a chore!

Liz made us a sweet nugget to add to our scrapstash this week to help
Straight into the $2 Category...WOOT!!!

and here is a little extra sumthin'sumthin'

Liz's creative gear is stuck in over-drive and she popped these two
sweet kits in store for $1 GGI and the 40% OFF Back to School Sale!

This kit matches the blog train freebie on her blog

Don't you love the bedazzled crown?
I think we all need one....seriously

The team has been trying to keep up with Liz's mojo
and they made us some really great layouts to drool over.

I heart the paw print journaling...SWEET!


So, take some time out for yourself today to scrap
and a favor to the team

Take care, be safe

Monday, August 16, 2010

Interview Number #2...its a Doozey!

Hi, everyone...Happy Monday!!!

We have our second interview with the team members of Creative Sweeties
This was to post last Fri, but with all the fabulous sales and new
releases, wanted to wait for it to get it's own attention!

We introduce you to Leilani...(LEIdeeQ) in scrapland

         I'm Leilani (pronounced Lay-Law-Knee) but go by Lei. I'm known as LEIdee Q around the forums. I'm a 31 yo SAHM to my 4yo son, Tranquilino whom is usually the main subject in my LOs. Married to Kevin (and the Army LOL) for 6 years. But have been together for 9. We are currently in the beautiful state of Hawaii, but that will change when the Army sends us back to the mainland this November. *sigh* Tranq just started kindergarten on August 2nd and it was hard to do, but mostly because Kev was not here to experience it. My family calls me tabloid, but whatever, I like to talk and share info. Mainly because we are spread out all over the place and I am the one that bugs everyone to see how they are doing. I call it updating the family. But they can call me a tabloid if they want to. Bwahahaha

Why did you start scrapping and what motiviates you to continue?
       I would always write little notes and keep memorabilia in those old school static cling albums since grade school. But really got into paper scrapping about 11 yrs ago. I "discovered" digi in May of '08 and love it! I can't give up my paper scrapping addiction, so I LURVE doing hybrid! I like creatively preserving memories and enjoy doing it. I stay motivated because I know the rest of my family appreciates it. Besides, it's a lot more fun than just looking at photos in an album!

What LO have you made, that shows who you are as a scrapper, your "style"
I love color selection photos!

Why is being a Creative Sweetie important to you, and what is your favorite Liz kit?
     Being a Sweetie is fantastical and I love playing with the new kits Liz comes up with. The girls are all wonderfully talented. If I ever am in a slump I have TONS of inspiration to sort through and get that mojo hopping again!

 My Favorite kit of Liz's is:

What's the best bumper sticker you have ever seen?
     "Got Lumpia?" After I saw it, I had a mad craving for some! And I always enjoy the pidjin stickers around the island, one of my faves are "Ai No Kea" (I No Care/I don't Care)

If you were a cartoon or movie character, who would you be and why?
     I would be Cher from Clueless. That girl has got it all and no worries! LOL (Yes that movie is my guilty pleasure!)

Tell us a secret no one else knows
     I have a fear of clowns, dolls, birds, and thunder (don't laugh!) and don't like lizards, but they keep the bugs away.

Name of the first boy you kissed and where were you?
     His name is Bryan and we were in the 3rd grade. Kissed right outside the classroom during recess. Funny thing is, I haven't heard or talked to him since then. NOW, he found me on FB and is stationed on the island as well. Lives like 5 minutes away. weirdness, huh?! ROFL

Boxer of Briefs?
     Boxers on the hubs. Whitey Tighties for the boy.

What have you forgotten to remember over the years?
     If I remembered I would tell ya! But probably embarrassing stories that I want to forget and my brothers will bring up to torture me!

Over or Under....toilet paper of course
      omg, OVER! I am sooo OCD about this!

Most overused word in your vocabulary?
     whatever (usually followed with an eye roll. LOL)

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
     Well, I'd like to go back to school and finish my degree for Int'l Business because I've always wanted to travel. BUT we already do being a military family. LOL I like my "job" now. Being there for the hubs and kid.

Is there a question that has not been asked in the world?
     Hmm, don't know about any question that hasn't been asked, but I have a couple that haven't been answered: "Why hasn't anyone come up with a rhyme for orange?" and "Is plaid a color?"

I am sure alot of you know Lei, and hope you think she is as fun as we do!
Be back on Friday with another glimpse of one of our team members....WATCH  OUT!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blog Train for Gotta Pixel!

Don't forget to swing by Sweet Digi Scraps for Liz's
contribution to the Gotta Pixel Back to School Blog Train!

The Train is leaving from HERE
Liz's spot in digi world and freebie is HERE
It matches her newest kit in store

My Pet

Hope you all enjoy! And do not forget about the

and August GGI for some dollars deals!

when you buy the 50% off Thrifty kit and matching Alphas