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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coming Back at ya with a Train!!!!!

Hi everybody...things have been quiet with all the new changes, but guess what?...........

Welcome to the "Through the Patch" Mini Blog Train!!!!!!

The two CT teams all had so much fun working with the new collab created by Sweet Digi Scraps and Valerie Ostrom, that we decided to give away some of our creations as freebies!

Here is a look at the fabulous kit:

Here are the links to all the blogs to pick up your fall goodies, and don't forget to leave some love for their hard work in getting this together for you! (Please allow some time delays- as we are all on different time zones- If their item is not up yet, check back later in the day as it will be)

Liz - Sweet Digi Scraps:
Valarie - Valarie Ostrom Designs:
KayJay :
Danyale's :
Sugar & Spice :

We hope this makes up for being super busy with all the new and fabulous changes Liz has made by becoming co-owner at Gotta Pixel. She has been one busy lady! Hope you will come back often to visit, as there are more things in store during this month.....and you never know when we may throw some more goodies your way!

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