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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Dont You.....

Have you checked out the shoppe lately??? There have been quit a few new additions, including all the kits that were previously entered in the SYTYCD contest. And better yet, ALL of them are currenlty on sale for 20% off!!!!!
With all the new additions... the Sweeties have been busy creating some fabulous layouts!!! Check out all these layouts created with the newest additions that can all be found at either the Gotta Pixel Or ACOT Shoppes!

And to top that off... While creating some FAB layouts... Colie created a Quick Page for everyone to grab up! Check This out!
Awesome Layout Huh?!
Well If you want to snag up the Quick Page you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE!
OR if you want to grab this up in template forum.. Hop over to Colie's Blog and snag it up!
And DONT FORGET!! Tonight is the Chat at GottaPixel and tomorrow Morning you can also catch me in the Chat room for an awesome Speed Scrap!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chats Scheduled!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to stop in and let you all in on the juicy details! WOOT

There are two Chats planned this weekend to come hang out and have tons of oppurtunities to win Some awesome Sweet Digi Scraps goodness!!!!! I hope you all can make it and I can't wait to get chatting it up with some of you!!!!!

See You There!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three Things Challenge

ok I have decided to go ahead with an idea for another chance for you win a $10 coupon for a shopping spree in Sweet Digi Scraps store of your choice. Above is my inspirational page for this Challenge. Your title must contain the words Three Things....and you must post your layouts in the DigiScrapAddict Gallery and adding a link to a thread so all your pages can be kept track of during the contest which will run thru the month of June and July 1rst will be when the contest winner will be announced.

Here is the thread for the rules for Three Things Challenge.

Here are the Rules:
1. The title for your page must include words Three Things
2. Must give credits to the designer or designers kit used for your page or it will not be included. I prefer to see Sweet Dig Scraps material but it is not critical. Kits from DigiScrapAddicts are very much welcomed.
3. Must link your page from the DSA Gallery to a thread posted at the site so I can keep track of all your pages.
4. All pages Must include the following,
3 papers, 3 embellishments, 3 pictures, all different and must be of 3 things you adore or cherish, 3 things you can't live without, 3 things that inspire you, or 3 things you love to do. But all pictures are to be different, and 3 things of your own creations or alterations of the kit or materials you use.
5. You must have fun with this page!

As you see, I used 3 papers, 3 embellishments 3 pictures 3 of my own embellishments altered from the kit I used which happened to be Floating Wonders from Sweet Digi Scraps...
Good Luck to all who enter and Happy Scrappin!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's our Designers 2nd Birthday Celebration

and everyone at Creative Sweeties sings together...
~Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sweet Digi Scraps, Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuu!!~

We are celebrating here on the Sweeties Blog, as Sweet Digi Scraps turns 2.....and to help us celebrate, I am going to include some links for you all to check out for some awesome events that are happening in Gotta Pixel, DigiScrap Addicts and Digi Shop Talk as they help us party hardy and share in a huge celebration giveaway of birthday coupons. All you, our very own bloggers need to do is share your most awesome birthday memory in any one of the links provided above and add a thread of your own memory. One $10 and 3-$5 coupons will be given away to the winners chosen for each site on Wednesday, June 10th 2009 at 10pm and the coupons will be good for shopping in Sweet Digi Scraps store.

I have made all the sites hot so if you click on any one of them, it will direct you right to the forum celebration so you can read the rules and have it to bookmark, so when those memories come rushing in, you can easily and add yours without spending time trying to remember which one it was. And Hurry!! you have 4 days left to add yours as those entries are quickly rolling in and adding up. I will personally return often to read all the entries and see which one I might add as my personal choice as a winner. It should be alot of fun and who in the world would not wish to win $10 coupon from Sweet Digi Scraps store? And if you look really closely, her products are also all 20% off during this month. Do you know how many materials and kits you could collect with a winner coupon? It should truly be so much fun for you take your time and shop in her store before hand and see which kit you would so love to own to add to your personal collection for all your desinging needs. Good Luck to all of you who enter.....

and OOOOOOOOh! Check back again I am thining of a few more games to add to include another chance at winning yet another shopping experience of a $10 coupon to Sweet Digi Scraps store as well. So stay tuned! and Happy Scrappin!!
pssst! while you are in DigiScrapAdditcts, don't forget to vote for our #1 designer entered in the SYTYCD contest.....Sweet Digi Scraps rocks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Voting begins on Friday

Ok I admit, I am on pins and needles for is vote night for the choices on kits chosen entered in the SYTYCD challenge in DigiScrapAddicts. Have you seen it? If not, here is Sweet Digi Scraps latest & greatest kit called Family Movie Night as her kit entered in the contest. It is fabulous beyond words and yes! this is my creation using this fantastic kit. Go get yours by going to DigiScrapAddicts and registering. Join me in supporting our hero, our designer of choice, Sweet Digi Scraps.

Happy Scrappin!

shhhhh! still working on a surprise for that special celebration I mentioned earlier, so keep on the look out for this announcement. It will be soon I promise!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome to the SDS CT Blog

Here is a page using a newer kit called Miss Mae which can be found in ACOT. I just spent this last weekend with my baby girl, who lives 4 hours away & is expecting in July. Her first child and my 7th grandchild. I so wanted another girl, but we know it will be a boy, and I couldn't want it more. I shall spend two weeks with her as she gets prepared for motherhood and it will be a blessing in more ways then one. I so can't wait to hold this little one in my arms and meet him for the first time. It will be the greatest day in my life, well ok almost, the greatest day, next to having all my precious kids and grandkids happy healthy and mine. Am I proud? You bet your butt I is.....and will display them all in good time if you have not seen my pages before now.

Hello everyone and Welcome to the Creative Sweeties Blog. I am happy to be seeing this link so we Sweeties can be able to post pages using Liz's (Sweet DigiScraps) latest kits as she creates them. I could not stand to see this spot empty anymore, and so the boss gave me the go ahead to post and fill the void. Incase you do not know who I am, I am Rylea and I very proudly post pages using Sweet~Digi~Scraps kits because I personally think they are top quality materials and I so love her wicked eye on the color scheme's she uses and her ideas for the themes. Also, if you are a fan at all, you will also know & or have noticed, most of her kits can be blended together for many uses. The more you collect, the bigger your designing possibilities grow. I know I have created many cards for my family, Hybrid odds & ends using her materials as well, only to receive some wonderful happy comments on how beautifully they thought they was and how they turned out. I contribute most of this credit to Liz's products, even though I do the work to show them off, its her kits who make them all happy. It is pretty easy designing, for us Sweeties, when you have a Designer with good taste like we do using this designers kits. I am so happy & blessed to be part of her all of her Sweeties are. Be on the look out here for our creations being posted regularly, for each of us will be posting here in hopes of giving you all kinds of inspirational ideas using all her beautiful kits.

Her kits are found in A Cherry on Top and Gotta Pixel for a quick viewing of all her wonderful products. You won't be sorry if you use the links highlighted above and check them out.

Thank You and Happy Scrappin!

OOOH! but shhhhhhh. be sure to come back soon. I shall have a surprise for you in celebration of Sweet DigiScraps celebrating her 2nd soon as I can figure out what I can give away in this celebration.