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Saturday, May 22, 2010

How about Some Momma Time?

If we are being honest, there are some days...we all get tired of
being "Mom". We love our kids, family, but really need our
"Me time" or "(insert any word here) times" LOL!

Liz has created several new kits, and they have several uses.
The team decided to focus on the "me" part first, but I can
see these kits being put to pages for many reason!

This first kit made me think of my morning coffee time, when I get
those few moments before the kids are up to check emails, walk around
my yard to see what had blossomed overnight, and occasionally...
take an uninterupted shower and even journal for a get the idea.

AS the days go by, one much like the otehr, we could all use some inspiration
and ideas for photo taking and making pages.
In our house, we are big fans of "game night", karaoke
or as my son calls it "Croakie" because none of us can sing..hahahahaha!
But when Momma decides to take the "mic"
(that is what us old Mom's say when we think we are being cool)
then watch out!!!

Here are a few pages to give you even more
inspiration by our CT girls.





We hope you enjoy the first two sets in this fun new series of kits.
Watch out for more to come!

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