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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Interview and Speed Scrap Announcement!

Happy holiday weekend for our US friends!   
We hope you are celebrating by relaxing and taking time with
 your family and friends
Take lots of photos to share and keep making memories

~~We have some exciting news to announce~~

Speed Scrap with the Creative Sweeties is coming to
Gotta Pixel

Starting this month, Mary(proudtxmom) and occasionally other CT members
will be hosting a DAY TIME SPEED SCRAP!
Of course there will be lots of laughter, goofy times, and a
new challenge each time...and we get to do this with
the CT members we all love!

There will be tons of goodies, coupons, and even some
exclusive gifts from Liz...only for Speed Scrapper attendees!

It is also that time to again, to bring you another interview with one
of our Creative Sweetie team chicks!

We are please to introduce...Sheila (tweederbug)

  My name is Sheila and I am a SAHM to my 2 kiddos Deagan and Ally. I live in a small quiet town that doesn't even have a stoplight and I LOVE it that way.I have 3 cats and 3 goldfish,and a pet frog. I am a photographer at heart and have now started a small business with the hopes of opening up my studio fulltime in the spring of 2011. I tend to speak before I think and I am quite loud. I enjoy watching baseball on tv .. go REDS and I love to travel.

     I found digi-scrapping in 2005 and I became hooked right away. I came across Liz and her freebies in 2006 and have followed her around. We know each other and have worked on photoshoots together in a small studio in her hometown. She is as sweet in person as she is on the internet. We literally live 10 minutes away,ironic I think.

Why did I start scrapping?
The main reason that I started scrapping was the memories. I want my children to know where they came from and who they are. Scrapping is a way to preserve their childhood. A story in the journey that we all call life. My scrapping style changed over the years. Lately, I have been working on clusters,shadows and that thing we all love,journaling. This has been more my style lately.

I love being a Creative Sweetie because Liz is awesome. She provides me awesome kits to work with that allows me to create a memory for my children and future generations. My favorite kit of hers will have to be her kit At Work or Backyard Boy. I love when I find me a good boy kit. The girls are super nice on the team and supportive. Who would of known that a run in with Liz at McDonalds on Christmas Eve would lead me here .. thanks Liz.

What's the best bumper sticker you have ever seen?
Don't blame me,I voted for McCain
What was your favorite muscial group in highschool and did you kiss their posters?
 OK .. NKOTB was a big hit. I don't ever recall kissing their poster but I do remember going to their concert and claiming that I was going to marry Joey.
Tell us a secret no one else knows.
I am afraid of death,tornados and coyotes. My husband always says that a tornado is going to come and blow the coyotes in the house at me. See how mean he can be?
Name of the first boy you kissed and where were you?
I don't kiss and tell,maybe because that is I don't remember.
Boxer of Briefs?
Boxers .. I love wearing boxers around the house. They are super comfy but seriously,why the droop in the butt? Who designed the boxer?
What have you forgotten to remember over the years?
Take life slow because you can never go back. I was a fast paced girl and now looking back,I wish that I would of taken things more slowly. I can never go back and redo and sometimes I wish that I had a rewind button. I have no regrets,I would of just done things differently.
If you could have picked your own name, what would we be calling you? I still love the name Laney but I guess that I am stuck with Sheila.
Over or Under....toilet paper of course,
Over .. definately.
World Peace or World Dominance? World Peace

Most overused word in your vocabulary?
What ... seems to be that word that everyone says when they pretend not to hear you. My kids do that all the time.
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? A photographer for the celebrities. I would love to do the celebrity weddings.

How many times can I say..
Don't we have the sweetest, funniest girls in digiworld!!!
I hope you have enjoyed gettting to know another one of our
Fabulous Creative Sweeties

Please plan on joining us this month in the Speed Scrap chat room
for more bonding time....WOOT!! WOOT!!

See you all there!

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