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Friday, August 6, 2010

Time to Meet the Team!

The entire team was given some basic, run of the mill everday CT questions
and then a few random ones that are?......not so much!
Each members interview is unique and different, so make sure you keep
checking in with us, to see what questions come out next

I think it only appropriate to start with our Creative Director
Liz, the fantabulous designer of Sweet Digi Scraps

     Well, I am Liz I am a 25 year old momma. I have 4 kiddos and I am a creative mess! I say mess cuz I love to dive into whatever sparks my creativity at the time. From scrapping, designing, singing, acting, writing.... you name it. I guess I am just an artsy kinda girl. I have been designing for 3 years now, and I dont think I will ever stop- its just to much fun! I don't scrap as much as I would like to (i need about 24 hours extra added to each day LOL) but when I do get to scrap I love to journal tons! I think one of my favorite layouts would have to be one I did of my son:

Each kit I create is a new favorite, but I would have to say I am still stuck on my new favorite- Photoshoot :)

What's the best bumper sticker you have ever seen?
2 of them- Honk if you hate peace and quiet. and
Don't believe everything you think

What was your favorite muscial group in highschool and did you kiss their posters?
How bout when I was in elementary school.... cuz then it was New Kids On the Block and I was OBSESSED!!! I kissed the posters, the blanket and the pillow!!! O and the figures that I had for the NKOTB toy stage too ;)

Tell us a secret no one else knows
Well my parents know this... but when I was little, I had a California Raisin stuffie. I used to carry him around and tell everyone he was my boyfriend. I also made sure that everyone treated him like a real guy and he always got a plate at dinner time too LOL

Name of the first boy you kissed and where were you?
I dont remember his name, but it was on the school bus- and after kissing me he bent my finger and made me cry. I was like in 1st grade!! Boys can be sooo mean LOL

Most overused word in your vocabulary?
Probably Okies- Which isn't even a word (that and I definitely over use punctuation!)

Where's Waldo....and how the heck does he get around so fast?
Not sure, but I wish he would give me the secret on the fast paced moving!! A girl needs to know!!

Can you lick your elbows? How long did you try to see if you could?
Apparently not, and I am pleading the 5th on how long it took before I realized it is pratically impossible!!

I can truly say, I am not surprise with some of her answers, but definitely by others!

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